Intogral is a company that develops solutions for the analysis of medical imagery. We have developed a series of generic technologies with application to the MedTech sector and into other industrial applications too.

Other Eye Disorders

Intogral is pioneering the development of Deep-Learning for OCT diagnostic support. Our company is currently progressing towards a CE mark for our first products in support of Macular Holes. We have a series of other products in development.

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2D and 3D Annotations and Segmentation

We have developed a set of generic cloud-based tools that the company uses internally to support the process of rapid image annotation and segmentation used in Deep Learning. Intogral can make these tools available as a SaaS product for third-parties.

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Anomaly Detection

As a bye-product of our developments Intogral has created a generic technology and platform that can be used for anomaly and counterfeit detection. We understand the peculiar difficulties and benefits associated with the use of Deep-Learning and Classical Image Analysis. We are always happy to discuss possible uses of our technologies.

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