Company Information

What does Intogral do?

Intogral Limited is a new spin-out from Durham University. We’re developing world leading image analysis software for a global client base working with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Based in the beautiful Cathedral City of Durham in the wonderful North East of England. We teach computers to recognise images, faster and more accurately than the human can ever achieve.

Based upon world-class research in image processing developed at Durham University, using machine learning, computer graphics and GPU computing methods, Intogral Limited provides off-the-shelf advanced image analysis. Intogral Limited’s technology is applicable to a wide range of applications including Medical Diagnostics, Anti-Counterfeiting, Pharmaceutics, Manufacturing, Engineering, Satellite Imagery, Security and Biology.


Intogral Limited has been founded and is led by Dr Boguslaw Obara and Dr Chris Willcocks, both from Durham University. Between them, they hold Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Physics, with R&D expertise spanning from machine learning and image processing, to computer graphics and GPU computing. In 2018, Bill Shepherd joined as CEO bringing a wide range of start-up and spin-out experience gained from the private and public sectors.

  • Chris Willcocks, Founding Director of Intogral Limited

    Chris Willcocks

  • Boguslaw Obara, Founding Director of Intogral Limited

    Boguslaw Obara

  • Bill Shepherd, Director of Intogral Limited

    Bill Shepherd