Image Analysis Solutions

With industries across the globe producing a greater and greater volume and complexity of imaging data, Intogral, utilising world-class research in Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, and Machine Learning, provides research, development, and delivery of bespoke traditional and learning-based image analysis solutions for a wide range of applications.




Bioscience & Pharma




Intogral utilises cutting-edge research in Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to learn from the experts. These experts, with decades of experience help our image analysis solutions to learn how to spot patterns in complex multi-dimensional image data.


A wide range of start-up and spin-out experience gained from the private and public sectors.

- Bill Shepherd CEO.

R&D expertise in image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, and machine learning.

- Boguslaw Obara CTO.

R&D expertise in bio-medicine, biomedical imaging, and biomedical image data annotations.

- Phil Hall Bio & Pharma Lead.

R&D expertise in image analysis and machine learning.

- TBA Image Analysis and AI Lead.